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Comfortable start on PvPZona x10!

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Опубликовано 04 Октябрь 2017 - 11:05

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Dear friends!


     Due to the fact that on our server the rates exp/sp x10, and adena x1, there may be some difficulties with the initial development and suffer the comfort of the game. We care about our players, this is why we introduced a rate adena x1, witch will make the economy stable, but so that our dear players do not suffer, but enjoyed the game process, we tried to help them.


We introduced a few nice bonuses for a comfortable start, namely:

  • etc_scroll_of_return_i00_0.png All teleport-scrolls before 40-lvl (inclusive) is free;
  • skill1045_0.png Newbie buff will be given before 40-lvl inclusive;
  • etc_spell_books_blue_i00_0.png New trade area - Giran. Free teleport to Giran from another cities.
  • armor_t55_u_i00_0.png Each player is given a free starter-kit that includes a Devotion/Wooden set and low weapons (things are not transferred, not sold) for 7 days.

With the whole concept you can familiarize October 7 at the start OBT.




With respect, PvPZona.

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