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Congratulations with the grand opening of x10 PTS!

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Опубликовано 15 Октябрь 2017 - 02:44

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Great news!

     Dear friends, after a busy day in the life of our project, we are happy to congratulate all of us with the phenomenal and stunning opening. Starting online x10 server exceeded all expectations and stepped through the mark of 3,700 people, which, of course, proves the correctness of the guidelines chosen by the team when designing the server concept.




     Also, we congratulate all players with the appearance of not just another server in the PvPZona complex, but with the birth of a unique line of Lineage 2 servers, with the concept of PvE-PvP, where the pumping of the character does not take much time, but there is a constant need for game currency and equipment in Coupe with the classical basis of the entire game world.


     Many players already encountered difficulties in completing quests for 1 and 2 profession, quest monsters died faster than they sank in the game world, and the queue of applicants reached 87 people. This problem is experienced by all major game projects with a large start-up online and a classic version of getting professions.


     Thanks to a powerful security system, we easily repulsed all the DDoS attacks that accompanied our server from the very start, which allowed our precious players to enjoy the game with maximum comfort.


     We continue to actively promote and increase the credibility of our project. We are attracting more and more new players to our friendly and truly unique game world. And of course, we are waiting for all those who have not yet managed to download the patch, register an account and enter the PvP zone.


And now a little photo from the start:





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