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Scale bonus start on October 30!

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Опубликовано 28 Октябрь 2017 - 08:35

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Greetings, friends!


Our server Interlude x10 on the official assembly was launched very successfully, we managed to revive the atmosphere of the beautiful and tightening Lineage 2.


   We support our server with advertising without stopping, new people come into the game every day, and that they were really able to catch up with those who severely broke away in development, we decided to make a bonus start on the server x10, this includes:


     Since October 30, after the morning restart which will be held at 7:00 Moscow time, when creating a character you will be given chests with bonuses:


Contents of the warrior chest:

  1. armor_t06_u_i00_0.png - Wooden set (temporary set for 7 days)
  2. weapon_dirk_i00_0.png - Dirk (temporary set for 7 days)
  3. etc_soulshot_none_for_rookie_i00_0.png - 5000pc (no trade)
  4. br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.png - Premium rune on 4 days


Contents of the magic chest:

  1. armor_t55_u_i00_0.png - Devotion set (temporary set for 7 days)
  2. weapon_cedar_staff_i00_0.png - Cedar staff (temporary set for 7 days)
  3. etc_spiritshot_none_for_rookie_i00_0.png - 2000pc (no trade)
  4. br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00_0.png - Premium rune on 4 days

There are also a number of unique and pleasant bonuses for everyone, namely:

  1. br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00_0.png  Getting the 1st profession is absolutely free!
  2. etc_kamael_skill_book_i02_0.png  Newbie Buff is up to level 52.
  3. skill0000_0.png  Free teleports to all points of the world Aden to level 40!
  4. accessory_bear_cap_i00_0.png  Good mood to all as a gift!

In GMshop, an additional rune + 25% Exp / Sp for Aden will be added. (To withdraw adena from the server and improve the economy)


October 30, after the morning restart all need to update the patch!


We are waiting for all new players in our cozy world!

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